Upcoming Work:


Acting: Starring as MARTIN SHKRELI in Martin Shkreli's Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan at the Midtown International Theater Festival. 

Martin Shkreli's Game is tale of "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli- infamous price hiker of "daraprim" (a drug which helps HIV patients) as he attempts to tighten his grip on his fortune. He's not very well-liked. A few months ago, Shkreli made further news when he purchased the only copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan album- spending 2 million dollars on the record, and never releasing it to the public. He's really not well-liked. An alleged clause in the contract however stated that the Wu-Tang Clan "and/ or Bill Murray" have one attempt at a "heist or caper" to steal the album back. Martin Shkreli's Game is fictionalized MUSICAL account of an aforementioned heist. Can Bill Murray and the Wu steal back the album? Or will Shkreli's game come to a victorious close as he captures all the pieces? Find out! TICKETS HERE: 


Directing: The Man Who Built His House to Heaven by Keenan Hurley

"The Man Who Built His House to Heaven" is coming to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with Patrick at the helm. Written and performed by close friend and collaborator Keenan Hurley, this dynamic new solo work chronicles the tale of a dissatisfied man who builds additions onto his home until it becomes a colossal tower that hosts all of humanity. The play entertainingly warns of the isolation that can come from insatiable ambition for greatness and urges us to consider that perhaps the satisfaction we perpetually hunger for is not in the clouds, but at our feet.

East Coast Tour: "The Man Who Built His House to Heaven" team is bringing the show to a CITY. NEAR. YOU. before heading to Scotland. Info below!