The Magicians

The magicians gathered to shrink the world
And here we sit eating the fruits of their labor.
We now have
1) tracks underground that will take you anywhere you want to go
Except to You

For that we will require heavier machinery. It's inefficient and needlessly expensive. And even then, there's no guarantee

2) A stone in your pocket that connects your entire self across the globe- to the moon and back in a millisecond
Except Your Body

For that we require new technology.
Magic that looks like magic
even to the magicians
who built you that stone.
And even then, there's no guarantee.

3) A mysterious box that delivers things wherever you want them to go.

Just not Your Breath.

For that will require
Well that would mean
That's a tough one
I suppose one could send a jar
But even then
It's not the same

And the magicians go back to their caves and bicker and brainstorm and soon
it is morning.

And still you're there.
And I am here.
And yet these words are yours.
As I write them.

And that is a secret they will never crack.