Patrick works often as a Magic Designer for theatrical productions. When a play needs a magic trick, or a magical moment, Patrick uses his knowledge and experience in illusion and sleight of hand to create, build, facilitate, or choreograph the magic in a timely way and to the director's precise specifications.  

Often directors come to Patrick with a rough concept for what needs to happen, and Patrick presents options for different means of accomplishing what they want on stage. In other situations, directors do not know what they are looking for and Patrick can create something unique specifically for the show. Though his imagination is boundless when it comes to replicating the impossible on stage, Patrick often works to do so on a limited budget, even resorting to using everyday objects as tools if necessary. Patrick created the magic of the hit NYC Fringe Festival show Maybe Tomorrow with 2 rolls of duct tape. His budget was larger, but he was told he could keep whatever he did not use...

Above are a few images from different works that Patrick has assisted with creating magical apparatus/ choreography.