A Letter

I miss you and it hurts 

I know that I will see you soon 

But that does nothing for me now.

Like a devout Christian mother 

Who's child has died

She's knows her little girl is in a better place 

But it does nothing for her now

Ok it's not like that at all

Child death is not really a fair simile 

Even if I did just make her up

I killed her in the same sentence... 

And that's not fair to anyone

Least of all- Lucy...

I miss you and it hurts 

Like an astronaut alone on the international space station who's addicted to jumping rope

He knows he's discovering alternative fuels that could save the world 

But it does nothing for him now 

Because he just wants the gravity back on

So he can double Dutch without the rope floating all willy nilly and spilling his coffee into the air. 

Like last time.

Ok, it's not like that either 

I know I'm not discovering a cure for global warming and all 

I'm just at acting school 

But I just want the gravity back on 

So we can watch the Oscars together.