Magic Design 

I started learning magic* at the age of 5.

I wasted the first 4 years of my life. LOL.

I started street performing when I was 12.

I then became a professional magician at 13

and now perform at birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, private parties etc. 

I lied about all these ages because I can't remember. 

I can do magic though.

*I cannot do actual magic

What is Magic Design?

I design and choreograph magical moments in theater. Big and small. Simple and complex.

Amongst the photos on the right is one from a show I worked on called "Maybe Tomorrow." In this "bathroom sink drama," the props, which began as mimed, slowly and unnoticeably became real as the play progressed. That was my job: 

1) Figure out how to make a bathroom's worth of junk appear.

2) Teach the actors how to do it. You have 10 minutes and a roll of duct tape.  

New Stuff

I'm currently interested with making new-weird-magicy-theater/videography.

Here is a video of one of my first attempts at that.


Working Magician

I still perform at children's birthdays regularly. 

I can curtail my show to meet the needs of any venue or environment. I can do 20 minutes or 2 hours. I can work around a theme or aesthetic. Or just be a dancing monkey boy. Give me a spot and just say go!*

I more often perform for adults- cocktail parties, fundraisers, corporate gatherings etc. I engage guests with playful, funny, not-annoying close up magic that breaks the ice and gets people talking to each other- like jazz. Magic is mostly about getting everyone (no matter the age) focused on a common goal. 

I also perform silently. shhhh. 

*Please also tell me when to get off the stage